About Synaptique Maghreb

The story of Synaptique Maghreb has started in 2001 when bright engineers from France and Morocco shared their telecommunications Background and experience to found the company. Synaptique Maghreb has started as a joint venture between Synaptique & Information Technologies in France and Moroccan partners who are active in the samefield.

In 2005,  After a  successeful journey , Synaptique Maghreb became a 100% Moroccan owned company and we started developping in Africa. Thanks to this strategic vision Synaptique MAGHREB became a  Gateway to African Markets. We assist our partners to achieve their goals and increase their market share by providing the right solutions and adequate resources. Best quality resources and services to set up and run IT and Telecom projects.

In Addition, Synaptique Maghreb offers a homogenous range of Products & solutions that cover: FrontEnd Solutions. CRM and Billing OSS. Business Process Managemnt. Global Approvals.

In 2014,  our software factory became agile and adopted SCRUM  methodology for software developpement.  Since then,  R&D team has delivered  a state of the Art Products  with an impressive Time To Market .

Our Skills

85% Complete
95% Complete
Front-end Services
80% Complete
CRM and Billing
90% Complete